With the diverse features of Umbrella Interactive you can manage the four dimensions of profitability, accuracy and responsible business:

Digital architecture

Processes of operation, processes for development and improvement, collection and delivery of data.

Managing sustainability

Business, environmental and social performance targets.


Managing by knowledge, monitoring the implementation of goals and objectives. Data processing to support decision-making.


Efficiency, accuracy and optimization of operational improvement.

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Strategy map

With the Strategy map you can document the measures to achieve your company's vision.

Stakeholder analysis

Identify your stakeholders. Create a similar functionality to stakeholders in their valuations and requirements. Document and prioritize their significance in a graphic nine cell matrix.

Management Dashboard

Present the targets and monitoring of your business processes in graphs. Management can thus easily keep track of business objectives.

Risks, opportunities and HACCP

Identify the operative and hazard risks as well as possibilities of your business. Also, possibility for risk assessment according to ISO 31000 standard requirements with three or five levels. Alternatively, four level assessment of hazards within food industry.

Process drawing

Describe your organization's processes as a figure. Process pictures can be used as process-data diagrams with direct linking to other content of your digital system.

Claim management

Manage and analyze internal feedback, as well as customer and supplier feedback. Report the number of events, costs and departments with a desired classification. Presentation of causes of complaints in graphs.

Internal audit

Implement the internal audit plan and audit-specific program. Report observations of all audits and follow the realization and effectiveness of the measures.

Supplier Management

Document requirements for groups of suppliers. Develop an evaluation plan and program. Make supplier-specific or supplier group specific feedback reports and evaluate suppliers' quality assurance capability.


Share responsibility with process owners and make sure process descriptions and work instructions are up to date. You can also keep track of your own assignments and all the open assignments in the system, as well as send information for the people responsible for specific tasks.

Year clock

Plan events: Present your agenda, add participants to the annual calendar and share event information with staff categories, which relate to the event.

Version management

Save the text descriptions of the procedures and processes are automatically versioned. Allows you to return to the old versions of the process descriptions. You can work on new content and publish it as it will be ready.


Follow temporary competencies, plan and document the competences of employees and evaluate their skills. In addition, you can maintain a record of trainings, as well as report and analyze the effectiveness of the trainings.

Mobile Reporting

Mobile Reporting allows managing by knowledge and its applications include for example safety and environmental notifications. Record and share incident details for responsible people with mobile devices. Make graphs about reported events.

Chemical register

Manage the chemicals in use. Archive and report safety data sheets, application rates and safety phrases in each unit, department and each workspace.

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