Umbrella provides extensive use through the organization as well as special opportunities for different industries.

What is Umbrella and what it allows for different groups of personnel in your organization:


Umbrella Interactive -kokonaisuusNeedSolutionFeatures and tools
PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENTVision and goals have been created and are intended to communicate comprehensively to the staff. The goals and their implementation are to be implemented in every-day practice.Umbrella functions for presenting and monitoring vision, goals and strategic measures.Management dashboard. Pages and process charts.
Smart forms for tracking data in-put.
Reports and graphs for monitoring.
STRATEGY TOOLUnderstanding the company's external and internal operating environment is at the core. Changes in the operating environment, anticipating operational risks and hazard risks are part of the business management.Umbrella functions for identification and evaluation of internal and external operating environments and stakeholders. Umbrella Risk Management.Graphic 9-cell matrix to identify the external and internal operating environment.
Risk management in accordance with ISO 31000 risk management standard.
Identification, processing and management can be made with risk assessment and tracking forms located all in the same place with other related data.
TASK AND MEASURE MANAGEMANTAssignments and internal division of tasks within the company, such as the deficiency correction of public inspection, are to be taken forward and the progress of the tasks to be followed and managed from one place.

Umbrella Task Management.Ensure up-to-date process descriptions and working instructions.
Further processing of form submissions for responsible persons or groups.
Smart Forms, responsible person and responsible group selections, and content checks.
INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONCompany is aiming for clear and easy-to-manage communications from different levels of organization.The Umbrella solution. The discovery and usability of the data is at excellent level when the content is published in the browser and not in appendices. Comprehensive access management can be used to share information with different staff groups.Pages and read-checks.
Graphs and reports for target monitoring.
Forms and text reports for compliance monitoring.
Comprehensive access control can be used to divide information into different staff groups.
Checks for updating content.
INTERNAL FEEDBACK COMMUNICATIONWe want to create information and initiatives in the company from the bottom up: ideas, satisfaction and opinions of the staff are highly valued to be heard.Umbrella Survey and Poll Functions.Smart Forms as well as various reports and graphs.
EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONWe want to communicate the company's operations outside of the company. The selected information or graphs are intended to easily communicate on a company's web site from existing data without modifying it in several places.Graphics of everyday monitoring into external responsibility communication or report.
Displaying selected pages directly, for example, on a company's website.
Umbrella pages.
Automatically updating reports and graphs.
EXTERNAL FEEDBACK AND RECLAIM MANAGEMENTYou want to automatize consumer feedback and complaints in a way that the consumer feedback is registered directly into the company’s system. You want to manage feedback from one place. The feedback handlers get a task on the new feedback. Further handling of the feedback and answers are to be conducted. Feedback and post processing generate data and reports to the responsible group.Umbrella pages.
Automatically updating reports and graphs.
INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENTWe want to show how we handle the obligation to control the fulfillment of General data Protection Regulation (GDPR).Person register descriptions and updating procedures. Risk assessment.Umbrella pages and risk assessment forms.


Umbrella Interactive
Mihin tilanteeseenRatkaisuOminaisuudet ja työkalut
COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENTCompany wants to include compliance and updating of several external obligations as well as different standard requirements for its own operations smoothly and desires them to be easily manageable.Umbrella packageUmbrella pages,
Smart forms,
Umbrella modules

WORK SUPERVISIONCompany's work instructions and process descriptions are centered in one place where they are easy to find with images and process charts. It is desired that the descriptions are easy to update, and information is easy to convey to employees.Umbrella packageUmbrella pages,
Process charts,
Version management
and Read checks
CLAIM MANAGEMENTCustomer makes a reclaim, which should generate a process in which defects in own operations can be found and their causes can be addressed. At the same time, we want to monitor the amount, quality and cost of complaints.Umbrella reclaim managementUmbrella pages and process descriptions.
Process charts,
Smart forms and Graphs.
EXTERNAL FEEDBACK MANAGEMENTCustomers have ideas about company’s products and their collection is perceived as an important part of the development of operations and products.Umbrella external feedback managementUmbrella pages and process descriptions.
Smart forms to be filled in mobile or desktop versions.
Reports and graphs.
INTERNAL FEEDBACK MANAGEMENTA member of the organization takes note of, gets an idea to improve the operations, or feels it is important to give feedback on a matter related to his or her work.Umbrella internal feedback managementUmbrella pages and process descriptions.
Smart forms to be filled in mobile or desktop versions. Reports and graphs.

INTERNAL AUDITSInternal audits are to be carried out on a regular basis so that the benefits of them are brought into action. Clear auditing programs and the development targets that emerged in the audits and the related internal tasks are to be implemented.Umbrella packageUmbrella pages,
Smart forms,
Reports and graphs
Task Management.
SUPPLIER MANAGEMENTInformation about suppliers is managed in one place. Suppliers of different sizes and from different fields is desired to be classified. Supplier requirements are sent centrally. Supplier inquiries and questionnaires as well as supplier audits are easily and efficiently done with one digital system.Supplier management moduleSupplier information in one place in Supplier management module.
Supplier groups and verification.
Supplier search with
needed search criteria. Digital supplier audit forms
which directly generate automatically
updating graphs and reports.
CHEMICAL MANAGEMENTThe company handles the chemicals so much that their management is not short-listed and with a few attachments, and the chemical management is to be considered as a clear whole.Chemical registerChemical cards for detailed information.
Chemical search.
ACCEPTANCE TESTS FOR GOODSThe company wants a systematic process for goods acceptance tests and related data collection.Umbrella packageUmbrella pages,
Smart forms to be filled in mobile or desktop view.
Reports and graphs.
ENVIRONMENTAL AND SECURITY CHECKSThe checks are part of a regular activity and they are intended to be incorporated into another task management.Mobile reporting in the sitesSmart forms to be filled in mobile
or desktop versions. Reports and graphs.
EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSEThe rescue plan is to be easily readable. It is desirable to clarify the processes of emergencies and their prevention. These processes are intended to be part of regular activities in processes.Umbrella rescue planUmbrella pages and other content


Umbrella Interactive entityNeedSolutionFeatures and tools
APPLIANCE MANAGEMENTThe timeliness of the appliance and de-vice specific data is to be ensured and the preventive maintenance plans to be prepared. We want systematic maintenance of equipment maintenance so that breaks in production are avoided.Appliance registerAppliance card with all information on the appliance.
Preventive Maintenance plan and Maintenance call creation.


Umbrella Interactive entityNeedSolutionFeatures and tools
TRAINING AND SKILL MANAGEMENTWe want to get an overview of what trainings personnel has attended, what skills they have and keep the certificates in one place.HR modulePersonnel cards for detailed information.
Training management, skill management.
MANAGING COMPETENCE AND FAMILIARIZATION TO WORKWe need to stay informed about what kind of tutorials the person-nel has gone through and what competences are valid and how long.HR modulePersonnel cards for detailed information.
Training management, skill management.
PERSONNEL DATA MANAGEMENTData maintenance and timeliness.HR modulePersonnel cards for detailed information.
Personnel search with different search options.
EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION MANAGEMENTA view with all the employments with employment types and durations can be managed from the same place.HR modulePersonnel cards for detailed information.
Personnel search with different search options.


Umbrella Interactive -kokonaisuusMihin tilanteeseen?RatkaisuOminaisuudet ja työkalut
TiedonlähdeTarvitaan kattava tiedonjakelupaikka (intra) ajantasaisen tiedon löytämiseksi yhdestä paikasta.
Pienemmissäkin yrityksissä kokoava paikka sisäiselle on usein tarpeellinen.
Umbrella -kokonaisuus.Tarvittava tieto löytyy sisältörakenteesta, prosessikuvauksista ja -kartoista sekä hakusanalla
Väline strategian, yritystavoitteiden ja toiminnan suunnan hahmottamiseenHenkilöstöllä on hyvä olla helppo pääsy valittuihin tietoihin, jotta oman työn merkitys suuremmassa kokonaisuudessa hahmottuu.Umbrella -kokonaisuusTarvittava tieto löytyy sisältörakenteesta, prosessikuvauksista ja -kartoista sekä hakusanalla.
Tehtävien seurantaErilaisiin toimenpiteisiin ja vaatimuksiin liittyy tehtäviä, jotka on hoidettava tiettyyn määräaikaan mennessä. Tehtävät halutaan koota yhteen paikkaan helpon hallinnoinnin saavuttamiseksi.Umbrella -tehtävien hallintaTehtävälomakkeet, raportit ja erilaiset tehtävälistauksien näkymät.
Työväline sisäisen tiedon kirjaamiseenTietoa halutaan kerätä eri toiminnoista seurantaa varten yhteen paikkaan.Umbrella -kokoanisuus, sähköinen tiedonsyöttö ja seuranta.
Päätteellä ja mobiilisti lomakkeiden täyttö ja raporttien lukeminen
Päätteeltä tai mobiilista täytettävät älylomakkeet.
Helpon osallistumisen välineKehitysideoita, palautetta ja kyselyjä halutaan kerätä helpolla tavalla niin, että vastaamiskynnys on mahdollisimman matala.Umbrella -kyselytoiminnotPäätteeltä tai mobiilista täytettävät älylomakkeet.

With the umbrella, you can fulfill a number of special requirements in different industries:


Food industry

Graphic industry

Chemical industry

Public administration

Educational organizations

Construction and earthwork

Metal and engineering industry

Plastics industry

Engineering services

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