Umbrella Interactive partnership options


We are interested in a wide range of partners, as we want to customize Umbrella Interactive to a complete tool for the needs of multiple fields. Contact us for further discussion!



Expert Partner operates as Atao Oy’s partner and provides services as part of Atao organization.


  • For entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals
  • Provide services within Atao organization
  • Sales and marketing support provided
  • Pleasant working environment



Business Partner operates as Umbrella Interactive software distributor in the name of his or her own company.


  • Good Umbrella Interactive expertise
  • Good sectoral HSQE expertise
  • Good product safety expertise
  • Umbrella Interactive software as a part of your own business
  • Provide even better service to your customers



Software Partner supplements its own portfolio with Umbrella Interactive management system.


  • For software companies and trade associations
  • Expand your software services with Umbrella Interactive management system
  • Create a complete industry-specific solution together with us

Benefits of partnership


Our partners have shaped Umbrella Interactive software to completely meet the needs of their field. In this way, they can also create value for their customers by combining the features of the software with their own expertise. Most importantly, our partners make digital quality management easy for their customers.


Would you like be a partner? Contact us!

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